Monday, June 10, 2013

A Head Full of LIES!

We're back at it again talking about weaves!
 It's hot and humid and you're probably looking for a style to protect your hair from the environment and yourself!
With weave being a "clutch" protective style, I think it's important to dispel the myth that the Brazilian, Malaysian, Moroccan, etc. is real!

Did I just blow your mind? Probably not. I mean let's think about it....when was the last time you say a bald Brazilian woman?

 In a country where long hair, tanned skin, and those god awful but oh so necessary waxes are standards of beauty, you better believe NO ONE is shaving their head bald to give you the ability to sew yours up.

Adriana Lima (Brazilian Model - VS) is NOT giving you her hair. NOPE!
But, let's start from the Indian Hair real?
 Yes. As you may (or may not know) majority of the Indian hair that is on the market comes from India. The hair is collected abundantly as each year millions of Hindu people donate their hair to Vishnu god.  From these hair donations, the hair is collected then exported and imported into different markets across the world!
If you happen upon "Brazilian", "Moroccan", or "Malaysian" hair and it costs $65 a bundle, $75 a bundle, or anywhere less than a couple is not correctly labeled.
 Now, there exists some  "pure blend" extensions but it is not what we are seeing publicized heavily on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These extensions will be VERY costly.
What IS Brazilian, Moroccan, Eurasian, etc. hair?
"Brazilian" hair is simply Indian hair made to feel soft using softners.
(Therefore is also isn't as "virgin" as you think. It HAS been processed.)
"Moroccan" hair is simply mixed synthetic and human hair.
"Malaysian" hair is simply Indian hair treated with silicones.
What is the point?
 The point isn't to convince you to stop buying these extensions.
It's simply to BE EDUCATED! 
Know exactly what you are purchasing. Personally I love "Brazilian" treated Indian Hair (that's what I call it) because of the way it blends with my natural hair. Will I stop buying it? Probably not however, I am educated on what I am purchasing.
Check out and her article on this topic.
She has great details and even interview comments from individuals in the industry who know ALL about this fantasy many distributors are selling. I did part of the research for go forth and learn more!
Let me know your thoughts,


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Natural Hair and Graduation!

With graduation around the corner and a 70% chance of rain, I'm freaking out! 

If I'm freaking out, I know others are as here's an impromptu post about Graduation hairstyles!

So if you're KNOW humidity is not your best friend. Even if the 30% chance of NO rain happens to be in our favor, you better believe HUMIDITY will STILL be present. 

Of course, I wish I could wear my hair like this:

but that's not feasible when the weather will look this:

Here are some styles that I may try out...and styles that may help you as well!!

Naptural85 on Youtube!

Valentines Day Hairstyle - Straw Curls pin up style - 2013 

Add some length/stretch your curls using BlackOnyx77's technique!

 So basically, twist outs (flat or individual) or bantu knots will be your best friend! 
Add some spunk to it by pinning up a side or creating a bun! Remember, whatever you do make sure you use products that will help you fight the frizz!

I just used CoCo Curls for my last twist out and I LOVE the results! (More pictures to come)

Depending on how well my hair comes out...I'll show you some pictures of what I decided to do!

Good luck!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Salon Review: Urban Tangles

Last week I got the chance to visit Urban Tangles salon located in Buckhead district of Atlanta for a free hairstyle and color!

Urban Tangles is a upscale salon, owned by Ms. Alicia Igess, that specializes and provides services for all types of hair: natural, transitioning, relaxed, colored, permed, anything you can think of!
They pride themselves on providing you with the BEST services without compromising the health and integrity of your hair during the services!

Upon arrival I did not know what to expect. I knew to expect a FLYYYYY hair style but I didn't know that I would walk away learning so much about the processes I received. 
After Color Processing and Press

I was fortunate to get my hair done by Ms. Denishia Nix who gave me a new color and highlights to bring in the upcoming seasons of Spring and Summer! I also received a trim, layers, a GREAT shampoo and condition, and a natural hair press!

What I appreciated the most was that Ms.Nix asked me my preferences and what I was comfortable when it came to my hair and changing it (regarding the color and cut). That really stood out because a lot of hair care professionals fail to do that before making drastic changes although depending on your hair health they may be necessary.

Ms. Nix was very friendly and receptive to all the questions I had to ask about the services that I was receiving  We even shared a few laughs!


Overall, this salon is A1! They truly take care of your hair and take care of you as a client.
 I HIGHLY recommend you visit Urban Tangles team whether its for a consultation or service! 
I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed. 

For more information or to set up your appointment,visit their website at!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hair Science

Your hair is more than a co-wash, two strand twist, relaxer, or flat iron!
 It's a science!!

Did I just ruin the beauty of hair by associating it with your least favorite subject in school? Sorry (but, not really ^_^)

The nerd doesn't just simple want answers. Sometimes, I gotta know HOW. 

What is hair? 
How does this new product that has my hair FLOOOWWWING work?
Why doesn't this product I just spent $25.99 because I have a condition called PRODUCT JUNKIE work?

The nerd in me Googled across the web for answers and I happened upon a lot of sources.
They all answered pretty common questions about hair and explained them with  pretty little pictures and diagrams that allowed the nerd in me to LEARN ABOUT MY HAIR - I'm a sucker for visuals.

So, let's get nerdy, shall we?

First things first:

Full-size image (57 K)

These are all the parts of a single strand of hair broken down scientifically. (It's quite beautiful)

Split Ends and Damage:
Below is a microscopic look into hair. The first picture shows "new hair" located on the upper part of a strand. 
what a new hair looks like under the electron microscope 
The second photo is normal weathering of hair.
The continuing destruction of the cortex of a hair: the long parallel bundles of keratin have been exposed and can be seen clearly

The continuing destruction of the cortex of a hair: the long parallel bundles of keratin have been exposed and can be seen clearly 
Cortex damage exposing keratin protein
 The continuing destruction of the cortex of a hair: the long parallel bundles of keratin have been exposed and can be seen clearly
Cortex of hair GONE! Irreparable and must be cut.
The cortex has ruptured and cannot be repaired, so that the only course of action is to cut off the hair
Heat Damage
I love my flat iron just as much as I love my "big ahh hair". Being said, I am guilty of the heat damage misdemeanor. As some of you may know, heat damage is not reversible. You wet it once and it doesn't bounce back to your original curls it's gone. 


Well, using high heat from flat iron can literally MELT the protein in your hair. The keratin protein in your hair has a natural twist of its own (not to be confused with your two-strand twist ^_^). The twist is known as the alpha helix. This alpha helix is in your hair, my hair, Jane's hair down the street, EVERYBODY! 
Between the temperatures of 215-235 degree C (or 419-455 F), the helices of the hair protein mellllllt away and Mr.Heat Damage Steps in.

That high heat gets your hair laid ready for an open casket. You have to be careful with this amount of heat. That's why is ÜBER important to use a heat protectant and know how hot your flat iron can get. If it does not have a temperature regulator try to research it. It's very important to know how to protect your hair.

 So I already took your hope about reversing heat damage. Sorry (but not really). I hate to be the bearer of more bad, but real, news: no other damage is reversible either. So, those commercials "buy our products and reverse damage from 10 years ago -__-"...although the product may be DARN's not "reversing damage". Instead it's just pacifying your strands -- which is totally fine for the sake of not losing your hair.

Lemme break it down. 
The cuticle of your hair is it's Great Wall of China. 
Once that is damaged, the health of your hair has been compromised- I'm talking CODE RED, bring in the reinforcements, compromised. 
Washing, combing, brushing, pulling, stressing your hair can all cause cuticle damage.  Coloring and chemicalfying (yerp, I made that one up) can also cause cuticle damage, as well as just our hair being old - (we do all know that the tips of our hair is "old hair"., right? Cool.)
The more gentle you are, the less damage. (DUH!)

Now for those reinforcements.
Too violent? Sorry (kinda).
 We use conditioners, and co-washes, and leave ins to try and reverse damage. But that's not the appropriate word. From this day forth, we shall say we use them to supplement our hair. 
Conditioner ingredients attach themselves like magnets to areas of damage in hair. Silicon, for example, is good for split ends while fatty acids such as stearyl alcohol works as great smoothing agents.  These things albeit are great (unless you're a strictly organic product user) but, they can all be washed right.back.out. 
The only way to reverse damaged hair to is to CUT it. 

The diagram below gives a GREAT illustration as to why a trim or dust with the scissors is important to maintaining not only length but hair health.  
Self-explanatory right? Riiight. 

Now, should all this information make you lose hope?

If anything, it should encourage you whether naturally curly, straight, relaxed, or whatever to simply TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAIR. Give yourself a head start and start on the inside by eating the right foods and drinking plenty of water. Even exercise help improves circulation which benefits hair growth. We shouldn't rely on a plethora of products to supplement our hair when we can take proactive steps to giving our hair the best. 

 Visit The Natural Haven to learn more about you hair! 

Until next time, 
Happy Friday! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pole La Teaz

Tank on Sale in Boutique!
Monday I had the chance to hit the pole!!
A group of friends and I took a visit to PoleLaTeaz for a birthday celebration!
  I can EASILY say that I probably had THE BEST time working out.
What is PoleLaTeaz?
PoleLaTeaz is an Atlanta studio that offers the best drop-in classes for pole dancing, exotic dancing, sensual dancing, chair dancing, and striptease workshops! They provide beginning level pole classes to classes for "pole addicts" o_0 --I won't judge cause I may soon be that! 
 Before going to the class we were all very excited. We had been waiting to try this pole dance class out since 2010! --Yes...for THREE YEARS we've been planning on visiting this establishment to check out what they really had to offer.
Smoochy Pillows!
 The instructor was very nice and patient.
She took her time teaching us a routine, step by step, then we put the entire dance together to music. At the end we were able to select a song to "perform" and add some freestyle moves.
I have a new found love for Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson ;-)
While learning and performing, you immediately feel a rush of confidence; a sudden rush of being sexy and feeling sexy -- ALL WHILE GETTING A WORKOUT!
(Let me be the first to say that it was a workout, the next morning my arms, back, and legs were definitely sore - but it hurt so good!)
What I loved most about the experience is that it didn't feel "dirty" or "raunchy". From the warm up to the cool down, there was a focus on loving your body and building confidence!

Lobby of PoleLaTeaz
So, if you're tired of cardio, mundane dumbbell squats, and your traditional ab routine, I HIGHILY recommend checking out this pole dance class.
Drop-in classes are only $15!!
 It's definitely worth it to add some SPICE to your workouts!
My friends and I will definitely be back soon.
We hope to see you there too!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weave Wonders

So...I've been getting a lot of questions about this thing called WEAVE!! Let me be the first to say that my name is Jade and I have a weave problem!
Am I a weave connoisseur? Nope.
Am I a weave professional? Not by any means.
Do I love weave? HECCCCK YEA!
Weaves/Sew-Ins are so versatile, fun, and one of my clutch protective styles!
Some people want to try a sew in for the first or second time, but have some reservations about it! So I comprised a list of some of the common questions I get asked about my weaves!
Why weave?
Sew ins are not only versatile and fun, but I have found that weave was the best protective style for me. I really lack  the skills to do some of the funky up-do's I see across some of my Favorite YouTube channels. Being so, weave became my go to style. It's low maintenance, I don't put heat on 90% of my hair (except the leave out), its protected from the environs (humidity and dryness), and I can still moisturize my scalp if need be.

What type of hair do you use?
I started out with Indian Remy hair when I was still transitioning. After completely transitioning, I found that my leave out hair wasn't blending with the "silky silky smooth" texture of Indian Remy so I switched to Brazilian hair. The texture was more consistent with mine when I straightened my hair and this is VERY important when rocking a sew-in! There is nothing worse than seeing two different textures just chillin', on purpose, on top of some one's head. No shade, but if you're gonna rock it, rock it well! =)
Day 1 of Brazilian Hair

Blending? How?
Blending is highly important. Even though you wear weave, that doesn't mean rock your hair any ol' way. They key is for the weave to look natural. You can achieve a good blend by using the right texture (as mentioned above). You have to know your hair and  know how it reacts to humidity, dryness, etc. Find a weave that does the same. Also take into consideration how your hir reacts when its is straight when it comes to different textures. If you find that your hair fights a flat iron and all of its hard work, don't go for a straight weave...try a Brazilian or Jheri curl finish. That way you can minimize heat damage from flat ironing everyday and throw some flat twist in and blend from there.
YES to Kelly's Curl Blend with Brazilian curl!

 NO to the lack of texture blend to this leave out!
Color is also EVERYTHING when blending. If your hair is naturally 1B and you're rocking a mam! Part of making your weave look natural is making sure the color of your hair and the extensions blend flawlessly. You may have to dye the hair to match your highlights or your natural color. Either way, make sure you don't have a Twister Mat on your head. "Left hand blue" Eeek!
 YES to Oprah's Color and Texture Blend!
NO to this color mixmatch!
Maintenance and Upkeep
 So you got a weave, but now how do you keep it up?! The style primarily dictates how to upkeep your hair. At the LEAST you should wear a silk scarf to protect it. (Sounds familiar right?). There's really no difference between keeping your weave maintained and keeping your natural hair maintained. You can use flexi rods to keep those Kim K like curls, pin curl it to keep it flowing, sponge roll it, anything! Just make sure at minimum you keep it tied up with a scarf! It's truly SIMPLE!
Shampoo and conditioning your weave is VERY important. Wash and condition, co-wash, and/or deep condition your hair about every 1-2 weeks. You miiiight can spread it out from there too but I always find that a good deep condition helps my hair bounce back.
Here's what I do!
To Wash:
1.) Detangle your tracks/extensions delicately. Start from the bottom of the tresses and work your way up with the detangling process.
2.) Wet hair and scalp with lukewarm water
3.) Apply shampoo to weave, and to scalp
4.) Massage shampoo gently into scalp making sure NOT to disrupt the braids.
5.)Be sure to wash the actual tresses of your extensions (DO NOT scrub your extensions. Rub shampoo down the shaft of the extensions to shampoo them)
6.) Rinse well & repeat
1.) Apply conditioner to freshly washed extensions and scalp.
2.) Allow conditioner to sit (finish showering, shaving, or do a deep conditioning treatment)
3.) Rinse VERY VERY well with luke warm/cool water (this part is my favorite)
4.) Allow hair and braids to FULLY dry! 
 Drying is the most important part of this step. If your hair is  not completely dry, you can run the risk of your actual hair mildewing and getting "that" smell. YUCKK!
How Long to keep a sew in?
A good rule of thumb in keeping your sew-in in is about 3 months MAX! I usually go about 2.5 months. I always say if you can braid in between your braids it's time to lay that sew-in to rest. It's important that you don't leave your sew-in longer than needed as your new growth can become matted and cause tangling issues that you DO NOT want to deal with. You want a sew-in NOT the beginning stages of locs!
All in all these are just general tips for sew ins and maintenance. They really are common sense. If it looks and feels bad, it probably is!
At the end of the day, you should find what hair works for you. Do your research on price, brand reputation, and brand distribution! For more information about the hair I personally use, pop over to the Extensions Page and check out more info!
I hope this helps. =) Happy weaving! xo

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Curly Cutie: Chiamaka Ukachukwu

Curly Cutie Chiamaka Ukachukwu shares with SBAB her natural hair journey! I'm really excited to feature Chi-Chi because she ALWAYS rocks braided styles that I often LOVE to put my personal spin on. Being that I also don't know how to braid, or cornrow I should say, I'm always learning a thing or two by watching this Curly Cutie get down!

Why did you choose to “go natural”? 

 " was actually very random. I remember one day I just finished washing my hair and it was about that time to get a perm. I saw my new growth and wanted to keep my new curls. They looked nice! It was completely random, but since that day I stopped getting perms and I love it!"
Tell us about your unique story!
 "Honestly, my hair journey has been pretty care free. I never really did much research about it except for watching a few YouTube videos. It was just something that I wanted to do. Along the way I got a lot of helpful tips from veteran naturals and started using YouTube a lot more for styling tips and such. Overall my journey was an easy start :)"

 What is the best part about being a “Curly-Head Cutie”?
 "I love the versatility of my hair. Even when my hair was permed I was always fussing with it, adding some curls or doing a funky up do. With my natural hair it's so much easier to do all kinds of styles. But I'd have to say one of the BEST things about being natural is fixing a bad hair day. It literally takes seconds to transform any bad hair day into a simple cute hair style."

 What are some of the most challenging parts about being natural? 
"The most challenging part is having patience. As my hair gets longer it needs more tender love and care. There are some times where I have to hold out on washing my hair simply because I don't have the time."
What are some of your go-to styles? 
"The classic Afro puff (which I turn into a bun with a few pins :) and two strand twists."
Product recommendation and helpful tips!
"I'm not much of a product junky. I like to keep it simple. I use Shea Butter Cantu leave in conditioner religiously, Shea moisture hair spray or African Pride braid sheen spray, some of your typical oils (I like to make my own concoctions, rosemary, jojoba, coconut, etc.), and I just started using organics hair mayonnaise."

Thanks ChiChi for sharing with us! 
If you want to learn more pop over to her YouTube channel (GTAfrodites) to check out her styles and links to all her favs!!